Our Story

Our Namesake: LeTish is a decades old nickname given to our Aunt Linda in her early twenties, and while the exact origin is vague, its significance is obvious. It has grown from a secret code between her and our mother, into a symbol of unconventional wisdom in this passionate, sometimes crazy family. LeTish pays homage to the relationship between two sisters, which is symbolic of the traditions they imparted on us. We owe everything to them and the tribe that had a hand in raising us.

Our Partner: LeTish coffees are sourced and roasted by a third-generation Italian family who put down roots in the iconic Greenwich Village circa 1907. From the outset, they served a diverse population of New Yorkers composed of immigrants, bohemians, and artists who gravitated towards their especially fresh coffee and inspired baked goods. Born in Brooklyn, LeTish shares the same values of family, community, and service and looks forward to preserving their story in every cup we serve.

Take A Seat At The Table


Photo Credit: Our Uncle, Matthew Loeber: AKA Polaroidvangogh